Sunday, May 4, 2008

Day 5 and 6/21 Creative Exercise

                                   There's a show off in every family, right?

I've been jamming all weekend getting ready for the Surtex show in New York. Hasn't left much time for anything else. Luckily, I can watch the falcon-cam while I work. I did this sketch yesterday and colored it in today. Going to have to count this as two days.... :o)


Diana Evans said...

wonderful quote and work Deb!
well done!!!

Tom Barrett said...

Great sketch.

Weekends are quite busy here too, so i think I am going to do my 21 days as "business days" and take the weekends off!

Paola said...

Your falcon's inspiration is fabulous! I love what you are doing, it's so tender and fun! may be great for a book.

Chickengirl said...

Looks like everyone is taking off on the weekends! (Me too!) Love the falcons. Good luck at the surtex show!

RyanLoghry said...

What a crack up. 8 ) Nice one Deb.

sheree said...

haha - oh my! i love these falcon drawings!

do you have a booth at surtex? i plan on going with a friend just to check it out (free pass) :)

Alicia Padrón said...

Hee, hee... poor thin though. Now I feel sad for the little fellow that was.. well.. you know :o(

Good luck at the surtex!!! Have fun Deb :o)

Deb said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by and for wishing me luck at Surtex. Wish I had another month to get ready!

Sheree, our booth is #2513 SKM Portfolio. There are 2 other artists showing with me in the booth. Please stop by! You'll see alot of stuff I don't show on my blog.

Alicia, I feel the same way about those poor little pigeons! However, falcons catch them in the air and the end is very quick. It's the food chain in action, and the falcons, well they are at the top of that food chain!'s tough out there!