Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something Fun!

Today I attended the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show at the Cow Palace, just south of San Francisco. It's a benched show which means the dogs are on display with their breeders and available for hugs and photo ops. Here are a few photos that were somewhat in focus. A little tough taking clear shots with all the excitement.This little guy is a wire-haired dachshund. Oh so cute! Something to think about for the future, although I'd never breathe a word of it around here with my little old lady Gracie getting on in years.
This Standard Poodle was looking pretty confident that he had the win in the bag.

The Irish Wolfhounds were done and done.
How handsome is this Great Dane and what expressive ears!
And of course I couldn't help posting a picture of my own Best in Show, with her own set of extremely expressive ears, my little baby Gracie. She's a real stinker when I point a
camera at her. She just won't crack a smile!


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Oh I'm s jealous.. benched shows are the best! We have to get together and plan a trip to westminster in NY one day. We do the SCBWI conference and then the dog show, how's that? :o)

I LOVE Irish wolfhounds. Just look at those soulful eyes... they really are gentle beasts. And the love to sleep like good sighthounds they are. Too bad they live so little you know? I think is unfair from nature to let dogs in general live around 12 years old, specially big dogs that only reach 8 sometimes.

Gracie is a poser. She is beautiful Deb! I wish she could meet Nina and Lucy and they'll all play someday :o)

Deb said...

Oh Ali, wouldn't it be fun to do art and dogs in NYC!
What a great idea. I totally agree about the big dogs not living so long. And even my Gracie who just turned 12 last month. I know we are on that slippery slope. She has problems with her kidneys now and the last couple of weeks have been tough. but she seems to rally and we are in a good place right now, although I see her slowing down so quickly. It's like growing old on a fast track. Just trying to enjoy every day with her.

Sharon said...

I love your dog! I had 2 beautiful airedales for almost 15 years until they passed away a couple of years ago and when I see one now I melt. I wish I could give her a hug! I hope she is doing ok healthwise.