Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 13/21 Creative Exercise

Haven't had time to post, but have been sketching. Probably going to take me 42 days to get through the 21 day exercise! Here's some sketches of the falcons doing their exercises to build up their flight muscles. All the birds have fledged the nest and are learning to flying around the tall office buildings of downtown San Jose. I took a trip down there on Sunday to see the birds first hand and it is truly amazing to see them perched on a ledge on the 18th floor of City Hall. They've all had a few mishaps and volunteers on the ground have been there to rescue and rerelease them, but they are learning to fly pretty well now. Lucky for me they are still returning to the nesting box during the day and I can watch them on the falcon-cam. Sometimes they sit on the ledge and the parents swoop by giving them flying lessons. Soon they will be learning mid-air transfers of food which will teach them to hunt on their own. It can take six more weeks for them to become self-sufficient. Oh, and they all have names now. Elementary school kids researched names and submitted them in a contest. Two girls and a boy, Meyye, Cielo and Mercury.


Tom Barrett said...

Nice sketch! Been neat keeping up with these little guys (and gal!).

How awesome to be able to drive down and see them in flight!

I notice on the Flikr site that there were 4 eggs. Did they say what happened to the fourth? Did it just not hatch?

Deb said...

Hi Tom,
Thanks for your comments!
The fourth egg actually was the first egg and was a "dud". Was never fertilized. This was Carlos' first year as a dad (he was raised in captivity by the Santa Cruz group) and I guess maybe he needed a practice round....:o)
Hoping to go see them again on Saturday. It's definitely addicting!

Gina Perry said...

Great action sketches! Even if it does take you 40+ days to do it - you're doing it!!!!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Beautiful, beautiful sketches deb!! Love the movement... and love the names too. Very well chose :o)
Specially Cielo...

They must be amazing animals to see up close :o)

Kate said...

Very cute! Love all the different poses.